Poetry (words)


Beautifully quiet morning. The sun projects dappled shapes through my window and the warmth of the day begins to shine. 

The air smells so clear after last night’s rain. My pjs bottoms too long drag on the wet grass and my toes exposed are covered by delicate droplets. 

Not long now until the world wakes and reaches for its phone. That’s why these silent times are so precious and the  mind becomes empty without them. 

Poetry (words)


Sometimes those apologies that fall on deaf ears do so for a reason. It was wasted, unnecessary. When that watertight excuse becomes overused. Over time it dawns on you that you were right. 
Don’t feel like a fool though. Some people just can’t help themselves. History repeating itself. It’s not your fault. 

I’ve put on a bit of weight at long last. I think it’s been hard because I eat healthy food, but I think the gym has helped and I’m filling my clothes better now. 

I’m going on holiday next week. So looking forward to some sand between my toes. 

Poetry (words)


I need some passion in my life. Something real, not just from a memory of how I used to feel. Built to last not destined to fade fast. 

When words spoken are not just regurgitated lines for every replaceable face you’ll ever meet. Only everlasting sparks will do. 

I’m not searching, but neither will I deny a chance encounter from filling my head with the kind of dreams that leave me wanting more. 

Poetry (words)

I don’t 

I don’t have a halo, I can’t walk on water and these wings are as fake as    the uniforms I’ve worn. I didn’t profess perfection in any shape or form. 

I didn’t engineer a world where I will always be right. I’ve fucked and fucked up a few times because I’m not working with hindsight.

So in dishing out your sentencing, do bear this in mind. When placing the cuffs around my wrists please do it from behind!

Poetry (words)


Out of my hands. I can only state my case. Conclusions drawn are chances in waiting or ones not worth taking. 
Judgment passed on the past. Not forgotten nor forgiven, but a list of the mistakes I’ve made. 
The tarnish fades if you want it to and nothing shines brighter than the cherished heart. 
Worthiness is one persons measure of another. 

Poetry (words)


There are no scenarios without you. No fantasy where you do not exist. Whoever I am in those moments I am always me, always yours. 

I am vulnerable yet completely in control. I am tied but shackle free. All these things that I become, because of who I’ve chosen to be. 

I can’t look at you without hunger, you’re the pounding in my soul. The times I’ve spent devouring you, are the times I’m completely whole.

This satisfaction belongs to you and I’m drowning in it still. 

Poetry (words)

Shiny stuff

What I want and what I have are not vastly different. World peace is out of my hands. I can’t only play my part, seeing the facts and understanding that power and greed ultimately destroy. 

The shiny stuff that people crave is so insignificant to me. You are not what you surround yourself with. Everybody wants to be loved, no amount of shine can replace that. 

Brute force can’t stop me from wanting you. Only the end of time will stop that. Rulers will rule and battle commence, but hatred and love are of different minds. 

Even though I’m not with you, the world is a better place because of you.