Poetry (words)

Aurora – Daybreak 

First light and my eyes crave a view. Beyond daybreak and alarms, away from necessity the enchanted calm. 

Two feet on the bottom stair and the still of morning comes to life. A time so familiar, a place in my heart.

What lies at the core a constant song, my siren of the morning all summer long.

My eyes adjust. I wake, I smell the roses as the sunrise brings energy to every perfumed fold. 

In my happiest of moments time stands still. In my contentment you are all-consuming, infinite and beautiful. 

Poetry (words)

Right now

I like how a ticking clock sometimes becomes silent, as if it knows you’re trying to hear it. So obviously shouting the seconds, almost throwing it’s voice across the room. Time passing, lapsed, forgotten. 

I dislike the rustling of carrier bags full of shopping, but caught in a tree they find a different sound. As if released from the burden of weight. Tethered to a branch, but almost free. 

The door slammed in anger sounds so delicate when silenced by the gentle hand. Like the ferocity absorbed in the silent click of the latch. 

The hip hop booming from the traffic “look at me, look at me” repetitive beats in the summer breeze. No meaning, no matter, just as long as it’s heard. 

I like the silence and how it feels to be cushioned in its grip.