I’m a tree! I’m not a tree. Been listening to ‘Rest Inside The Flames’ all evening. Most definitely my favourite album of all time. Favourite as in ‘The favourite’ All time as in “All of time past and present’  It doesn’t depend on mood at all. It’s lyrically beautiful and musically breathtaking.  And there lies my next blog! 



Between seasons, waiting for that change. That leap into the unknown…again.
I’m so tired of looking back and ahead is always new. New places, new people.
I feel myself moving away from what I’ve come to know. That daily routine…that changes nothing. Unlike autocorrect. 




When I saw you last I held your hand, I kissed your face. I told you I loved you. I said good bye.

Everyone says that it’s gone so fast. That time flies and wounds heal. And for those people it may be so, but they don’t echo what I feel.

I planted a rose in your memory and it bloomed all summer long. The sweetest scent filled the garden. I find it so hard now you are gone. 

I could rewrite these lines just to try and define this empty space in my heart….but I can’t. 


Yearnings End…

 For a while I thought  I was broken
Like a loose heel detached from a shoe.
I tried so hard to disguise it
But I couldn’t be repaired with glue.

I waited and waited for what I’m not sure. Maybe for some sense of normalcy to return.

I reached out to that emptiness you offered, that unforgiving coldness available in abundance.

Then it ceased, the yearnings end. I waited. Too long. Lost opportunities gone. I stopped waiting. 


Stop Yulin 


Cages full to the brim with innocent lives.
That’s fear that you smell as they sharpen their knives.

Parading their victims on the streets of Yulin. 

There’s no remorse here, no shame. Just barbaric sin.

Have you witnessed the hell there? Have you turned your back?

Are you void of emotions that’s a life in that sack!

Don’t tell us it’s culture and we don’t understand. 

It’s animal genocide and there’s blood on your hands.

#StopYulin2016 #EndYulinFestival

Please sign this petition.





If love isn’t painful 

I must have been shot

These scars from the shrapnel?

Itch when I’m hot.

The pains in my chest 
From the surgeons knife?

His invisible blades 

Saving my life?

Was I standing too close

When his gun went off?

All I remember is silence