Poetry (words)

Stepping aside. 

Sat at the station seeing the people all watching their screens, bland faces, blank minds all giving in. It dawned on me how bored I am. With this and that in this stagnating pool on which I’m skimming. 

The chit chat on the platform, nonsensical sentences, tv and catalogues and singing Amazon boxes. I am confident here amongst this, I am aware of obvious failings. 

Everyone’s screaming ‘look at me’ whilst the world just passes them by, so desperate for attention at whatever cost, just as long as they don’t have to try. 

Little by little I’m stepping away from the melee that’s drowning my will. There’s so much more I desire than to just observe while those around me stand still. 

Poetry (words)


“let go” he said and trust in the hands that hold the ropes.

Overwhelmed by the edges of the land where lighthouses rule at dusk. I climbed the walls with a sheer determination to escape. I let go of all the dramas we’d created. On a cliff side they fell from me like boulders into the icy ocean, but the salt that stained my face stung with the numbness of bitter winds and the weight they carry. Just another drop in the engulfing tide. 
Calm comes, in the heat of the blazing fire, like a lovers fingertips alive with hope. As I let this wash over me the knots dissipate and every summit is in sight.