Poetry (words)

Lace me up…

I watch the words fall from his lips. There is nothing more enticing, how they spill in these moments turning hours into shadows. 

Nobody says my name this way, nobody makes me feel so beautiful. His touch life affirming, awakening my soul.

I want him like wanting is oxygen, breathless without it, holding out for euphoria with every gasp, he makes it flow.

I’m complete in his presence, in the silence of his arms. He stirs a hunger in me and I am ravenously his.

Poetry (words)

The change in me.

I wasn’t destined to be this person, never the planner always taking everything as it came, the good the bad and the indifferent. I like the silence now.

I wasn’t looking far ahead what’s in the distance eventually catches up with you and becomes the past. 

I wasn’t the romantic, the poet lost in an ocean of love. I never saw that person the very person I’ve become.

I wasn’t prepared for this, but how could I prepare for what never existed before now, this new light that floods my world. 

I wasn’t waiting for this, time didn’t dance it came and it went. I never heard a heart beat as beauty it was just a clock that kept me moving. 

I wasn’t ready for change, the mundane became routine and it’s routine that keeps us going, keeps us right….right? 

I wasn’t aware of you then. You weren’t obvious nor screaming to be heard. You were still and calm. You were miles ahead of everyone just by being you. 
If you’re looking for the change in me what you’ll discover there is you. 
I wasn’t, I am, I will, I do. 

Poetry (words)

My onward journey. 

The distance between is full of time. Moments everlasting both yours and mine. Doors left open on rooms submerged in memories deep enough to swim in. 

Every touch etched onto my soul the constant embers the sirens song. You are home no matter the road traveled you are the warmth I crave in every journey. 

I stumble sometimes on the depth of this. How loving you has changed the world, how hope and passion shine through you. Beautifully infectious. 

I don’t believe in fate, sliding doors and paths not taken. I don’t believe in guiding lights nor gods or demons. I believe in you, my constant reminder of everything true. 

Poetry (words)

All of my reasons

Last night I dreamt of you. Like a film playing on the back of my eyelids. You always have the starring role. Your presence is a timeless beauty. 

Your words are never scripted though and  like the tidal ebb and flow you always capture my soul. I want to bathe in you. To be submerged in this love. 

How you hold my gaze like you are all there is. I see movement all around, but I focus on nothing but you. Existence doesn’t stop I exist in you. 

In motion you are beautiful and innocently so. Still  unaware of the sensuality you hold. How you react when my eyes start to burn. How you understand without words. 

In stillness you are poetry that flows through my veins. Every curve of you  another endless verse. Your flesh draws  these words from the depths of my heart.

Like the moonlight you are iridescent, like the candlelite projecting shapes so effortlessly.