Poetry (words)


Sometimes by the sheer simplicity, the uncomplicated depths of clarity and heart. The visible soul above all else. 

Sometimes by a word and how its meaning can change your world. How someone can see you, truly see you and take hope in what they find. 

Sometimes by a glance and how a fleeting moment can fuel a fire. How the embers that glow become the sustenance of love, of hunger. 

Sometimes by the solitude of distance and how miles can instil the depth of commitment. Strength unbending, unfaltering always. 

Sometimes in the silence….you are all of my reasons. 

Poetry (words)


Eyes covered with sensuality. Not blinkered, but blacked out. Tied gently not to hide nor to deceive, but to discover. 

You’re not vulnerable in my hands, you are loved. I know your hips, the dips and curves of you. The flow of your mind too. 

This is who we are and what we share will always be ours alone. I’m aware of this control, this hunger you evoke in me.

You are all of my cravings you are sustenance. To touch you is to truly let go. You allow me to be this. You give me the depth to become. 

Poetry (words)

Let it flow sometimes…

I have rooms in my head, rooms full of moments of things that we’ve said. Passion is at home here. Open doors beckon me I’m captivated by your heart. 

I have cupboards of empty pages, blank spaces for words yet to be said. They will flow. In your arms they will meander towards torrents of never ending seas. 

Every moment with you is a chapter of beautiful storytelling. The book I can’t put down. You’re the catalyst, you are all of these infinite lines 

Poetry (words)

Oceans of TimeĀ 

There’s such beauty in the depths of him like nothing I have known. A gracefulness he brings to life and I’ve made his heart my home. 

Oceans of time to share with him, these ever rolling seas. I take shelter in his sensuous smile when falling to my knees.

The words I whisper endlessly are words for him alone. Inhibitions long ingrained now falling like a stone.