Poetry (words)

What remains of me?

What price satisfaction how much will it take? Seems like self destruction all the mess we make.

How’s my crucifixion do these nails go deep enough? Mixing fact with fiction. Keep it real, keep it rough. 

Lines drawn just deception? All these visions that you crave. Am I the master of this conception or just a willing slave

Poetry (words)


There’s a peace in my soul the like I’ve never known. Aftermath of everything else has left these bones. Clarity of love frees my heart.

I search for words to write to explain this light that you’re giving me. Like the caged bird that sings needs to spread its wings to be this free.

I’d grown cold on stories told of how love should be. I lost the fight inside, made the choice to hide, but you’ve captivated me. 

In a heartbeat, darling. That’s the time it took to take a deeper look and be in love with you. 

Poetry (words)

Let it go. 

In the darkest moments it’s the knowledge of light that makes you breathe. When the world keeps on pushing I feel you kick I hear you scream. 

Pay no mind to what’s on the surface, be the roots at the depths of your soul. The shadows they come and go my dear. Let your heart be in control. 

Close your eyes let your troubles go, let me take them all away. Apathy can only bind you to the dark. Don’t let it be the ruler of your ways. 

Poetry (words)

All of my hours

First lights glare I feel you there gathered around me. 

You ground me. 

Lift my head from this empty bed and feel you beside me. 

The tide in me. 

Morning fades a caffeine haze and it’s you I crave. 

My perfect wave. 

This humanity hum leaves me numb, but I hear you.   

You’re all that is true. 

Pages turned, lessons learned and the slate is clear. 

I feel no fear. 

Falling leaves, cold winter breeze and the fire in me.

Everlasting and free. 

Railroad track, bringing me back to your warm embrace. 

Our beautiful space 

I’ll turn these words into birds and they’ll fill your sky 

Till the oceans run dry.