Poetry (words)


I’d like the ability to mute life from time to time. To fade other people’s noise. We’re so obsessed with being heard, but I think we lack the capacity to listen. Like the man in the flats opposite me. His drunken rants are heard by everyone but him. The drivers who insist on taking the car on the shortest of journeys all adding to the constant hum. Silence is such a beautiful luxury, but our inability to consider those around us is staggering. TVs so loud it’s borderline intrusive. Filling lives with the shit we inflict upon ourselves. How good parenting depends on the Google speaker you’ve invested in….such utter bollocks! 

So if I’m ever granted three wishes muting the world will definitely be one of them. Until then, just stop and listen to how ridiculous you sound to those who are forced to listen. 


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