Poetry (words)

The world we deserve

Not sure how to start, but I woke up with these thoughts. Probably helped by the thought provoking conversations I’ve had over the past couple of days. 

The world we’ve got is the one we’ve been heading towards for so many years and we’re all at fault. We scream when it’s too late, we protest from our sofas whilst browsing Amazon. I wonder was the world ever this full of bullshit before now? 

We change our minds so often. We treat those we claim to love like deleteable  commodities. 
Nothing is real to some people. Instant access and instant denial. 

We wipe people from our lives at the click of a button and still expect respect. 

Brexit, Trump, UKIP…. yeah, we didn’t see those coming. Why? Because we chose not to look. 

We want nothing that lasts because we are constantly distracted and happy in the oblivious wave of ignorance. No thought process whatsoever….see, want, take, destroy. Be it human or land or animal our aim is “me me me” instant gratification. 

Our existence has become a “show and tell” 


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