Poetry (words)

Boxed in

The past year has made me change direction and more than once. As things turned out its instability was not of my doing. You can’t alter the make up of people and rightly so. People go through life doing what they’ve possibly always done. Change only comes to those who want to change.

It’s made me dissect myself. I laid fault at my feet for some time. It was wrongly placed, but it’s taken me a while to understand that.

I missed a few chances due to the time spent living a lie, but thankfully some of those chances didn’t lose faith in me and my heart is still set on what I need from the coming years. 

Solitude in a green expanse close to the ocean. I don’t want to be boxed in any longer. So my new job will allow me to make plans and save for what I need. Two years should do it. 

Making plans is one thing I’ve learnt over the past year, going it alone another lesson. 


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