Poetry (words)

Ain’t No Other…

Ain’t no place on earth I’d rather be than anywhere with you beside me. Ain’t no other person in my heart, it’s been you right from the start. 

Ain’t no face I’d rather see, your beautiful warmth gazing back at me. Ain’t no hands I’d rather hold, your touch worth more than its weight in gold. 

Ain’t no mouth I’d rather kiss, no other lover holds such bliss. Ain’t no other man I’d rather touch, I’m lost in you so very much. 

Ain’t no other man who’s swims in my depths, you devour me length and breadth. Ain’t no other heart I want to protect, your soul will never know neglect. 

Ain’t no other man who knows my dark desire, the fantasy that you inspire. Ain’t no other love I’d move mountains for, ain’t no other woman could love you more. 


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