Poetry (words)

Train times

Schedules and platforms filling my gaze. I know where I know when and the number of days. I have patience enough for the times in between. No doubts could disturb all the beauty I’ve seen. 

The ticket machine like a box of delights I punch in my reference and it prints in bold type. I like the sound the doors make when the button is pressed. I love where I’m heading,  the butterflies in my chest. 

Embankments littered with the remains of the day. Wildlife scurries to keep out of harms way. The darkness of tunnels reflecting only my gaze this journey to you is a beautiful haze. 

The clock on the platform ticks in time with my heart. Final destinations that allow life to start. I’ll never tire of the time spent or the distance I’ve come, the scramble for luggage, the disembark scrum.

The miles that separate us are the same miles that bring us together ❤️


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