Poetry (words)


I listened to you shower. I felt the warmth of your smile and watched the water drip from your hair. I saw you dress….I like to watch you. 

As the morning slipped away I drowned surrounded by you. No ticking clock to announce the seconds that passed, but pass they did.

I think I paced the bedroom floor a hundred times. I think I fiddled with the window blind. I know I held your shirt to my face I know I drowned in you.

I ran my finger down the empty bottle by the sink. I smiled I reminisced I felt you. The living room smells of candles and lilies. I pressed  my hip against the indent in your cushion. 

I imagined how it would be, impossible in hindsight to capture the scale of emotion in saying “good bye”.  I never said the words when the time came. 

The day didn’t pass in the blink of an eye, it was drawn out and painful. I wanted to write to leave something behind, but it wouldn’t flow.

I showered. I packed my case. I held your shirt to my salt stained face. I breathed you in so deeply. 

The rush ensued to make it on time. I wished I’d planned better.  You moved your hair from your eyes and picked up your keys. I adore watching you. 

I remember feeling chilly and how the sunshine hurt my eyes. I don’t remember the journey, but for the duration I was lost.   Soaking you up. 

One last moment to pull you close. To breathe you in. It will never be enough time. Kissing you is beautiful. Mesmerising and sensual, even when it’s goodbye. 

I hate ticket machines. I hate anything that separates us, platform 9, the underground walkway. I hate leaving you. 


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