Poetry (words)

If music be the food of love….

…..then write me a sonnet  and sing it from your heart’s depths. 

Dedications of love. In passing a song that’s already been dedicated to every love you’ve had. 

You’ve never loved like this before? Yet the words are the same words the and the music so familiar. Like a comfort blanket used again and again. 

It’s quite a cruel gift these second hand feelings. No matter how beautiful the words, when used to define what you’ve already defined they become meaningless. 

Originality! I don’t want to be a ticked box in a little black book of “love songs” I want new feeling not old memories. Give me something to sink into not a crowded room full of past loves and what ifs all singing the same worn out words. I don’t want those feelings. I don’t want your cast offs.

The feelings they evoke in you are nothing to do with me. It’s like a love letter with a thick layer of tippex over countless names.

Love is….. never repetition. 

The Beautiful South – Song For Whoever 


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