Poetry (words)

On the edge 

I’m often too caught up in the now to think about what lies ahead. I like that, I like putting stuff to bed before moving on. Clearing the path I guess. 

I want to write, that much has become clear. It’s definitely important to me. Be it poetry or just thoughts it’s one of my go to safe harbours. I say what I please here and although I know that people may never read it, I know that those who are important to me do. 

I’m lucky. Lucky that I’m able to express how I’m feeling. I’m lucky to have beauty in my life that inspires me. I don’t ever want to take that for granted or forget my flaws. 

Simplicity is such a beautiful thing, but the  world and its people are often so complicated. We’re completely aware of right and wrong, but we are led by our egos. We all have one…and its not always a bad thing. 

Little things like the text I just received. That someone told me I am in their thoughts. Simplicity of “the small things” become the things you crave. I crave. Yeah the big moments count but it’s the small things that shape your heart. 

I’ve completely lost the thread here. Why I started writing this…like those winding conversations I love so much. Where you start and finish isn’t important, the fact that you got as far as a conversation is amazing. 

Such long pauses…life in between. Technically it was a bath. Then dinner. 
Where was I? 

On the edge…I’m not actually on the edge of anything, it just feels that way. Change often feels like that. It’s not an abyss or in any way foreboding. It’s natural and welcomed.  
Paused ⏸


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