Poetry (words)

The sky is falling…on Twitter at least.

The death of Jo Cox yesterday is extremely tragic. Her killers motive? I’m not sure. Nobody is sure….

…..nobody except the people of Twitter. Some will have you believe that it’s the fault of a poster, a cancer, an illness etc. Nobody really knows. Everyone is so desperate to be heard. For their opinion to be noted and re-tweeted. 

Farage’s poster is vile. It’s a lie. Is it a surprise? It’s not a surprise at all. UKIPs whole campaign is a racist barrage of venom. Yeah we can blame them for everything we despise, but they’d just be a scapegoat. 

Twitter is teeming  with inaccuracies. It’s a hive of propaganda and has been for years along with our news coverage and our journalism. What’s at the heart of all of these things? A government so corrupt they might as well be sponsored by Murdoch. 

Animals are animals and humans are humans. There is no cross breeding there. Animals do not kill because of creed or colour or sexual orientation. Calling a human an animal is often a damning  insult to the latter.

People retweet the gutter press (which covers such a variety of our so called journalists) so often. It’s one thing I dislike about Twitter the “when it suits me” mentality. Like those who despise Murdoch yet subscribe to Sky. Complain abou The BBC but tune in for more of the same. Signals so mixed it’s like semaphore for dummies. Personally I don’t care what The Sun or any “newspaper” says about anything, but it’s quite obvious that some people still believe what they read.  

To the free thinker this seems so unreal. That people still allow this venom to be drip fed into their lives. Like the off button doesn’t work and newspapers can’t be left on the shelf. Will this element of society always exist? Very probably. Can you change it? Might mean having to get off your arse and doing something!!! 
It’s not a question of “can you” more “can you be bothered” 
Don’t believe everything you’re  told. Don’t think that Twitter is the font of all knowledge or that opinions are facts. Headlines are just opinions. 

If you really want to change society then learn. Teach yourself. Investigate the “facts” be your own judge. Don’t be led or ruled by hear say. 



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