Poetry (words)


I believe utopia exists, but I believe that we create it. It’s not a promised land or somewhere when only see when life ends. 

Hell is a creation of man. It’s not a place where bad people go, it’s not even a place. If you convince enough people to follow a path you have the ability to do good….or bad. Free thinking is a lesson not taught to children because it’s easier to convince on mass  that one rule is the right rule. 

There’s a fair amount of Trump rhetoric in my Twitter timeline this morning. A fine example of what happens when one very angry person shouts venom to a captive audience. 

Children are being persuaded by adults which political party is the best. Infants being force fed ideas they can’t even begin to understand.  It’s insane behaviour. Pinning a rosette on a child like they are an extension of your ideas. They aren’t! 


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