Poetry (words)

Are we there yet?

Are the joys we hold nothing more than transactions, are we there yet? Are these roots ours, did we mistake life as ownership. Is the river flowing, did the branches drop seeds at dusk, did the sun still rise and fall? Was your train delayed, did you complain? Did you fill out forms, tick the relevant boxes, did it rain? Is your neighbour ok, are the children hungry? Did your parcel arrive on time? Will the shelter of oaks ease my mind, will they give and keep giving, will wildflowers sustain when the pollinators fall. Are we there yet. Does the tide move your soul, unscripted as it is, does an actor have to explain all the things you can’t feel. Did you see the sky last night? Did the stars captivate your gaze, did you flick that switch? It killed the light. Are your grades all that define you, you wear them so well. A glowing reference on your way to the top. Does your office have a view? Do you?  Silence, isn’t it beautiful. How it sits beside me like an old friend lost for words. Humbled, I am constantly.


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