Poetry (words)

Walking the path.

Every morning and evening I get a connection for a couple of hours. I upload my photos and I read Robert Macfarlane’s ‘Word of the day’. Every day ends as perfectly as it started. I sleep with a contented soul. I have no particular route, just walk, absorb the light and surroundings. Notes, not that strong emotions are fleeting, but they sometimes come like the spring tide in a gale. Sometimes completely new sensations, watching the clouds slowly overwhelm the landscape with shadow. Pockets of light revealing hues often unnoticed. Stonework like a palette of watercolours for the finest painting, how they blend with nature….

…..to be continued

Been walking with “Noonday Dream” today. Maybe I’m biased, but it’s a beautiful album. Lyrically poignant. ‘What the Moon Does’ is my favourite track.

Having a beer and listening to the sea, out of reach. Out of the loop.


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