Poetry (words)

This is not war

I am not daunted by the stop and start, the disappearing footsteps or this seamless heart. The teardrops glow in the moonlight like a blanket of stars, but I am not daunted by these scars. 

I’ll bend like the saplings in the storm force gale. I’ll wrap around your indecisions assuming crash position in preparation to fail. I am not daunted….at all.

This is not impulse, this is ingrained, I emptied my soul, but you still remained. I am not daunted by what holds me here , of the mist laden path I’ve always been clear. This world no longer daunts me….

I am not courageous and this is not war. Things born of beauty have settled that score. Every battle I face I face alone and I am undaunted through it all.  


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