Poetry (words)

Under the influence 

Under the influence a seed was planted. The raging torrent, the birth of a lightning bolt that inspired this nurturing rain.

Under the influence my soul was as captive as it was wild. No cage strong enough and no jailer brave enough.

Under the influence, this intoxicating air the sweetest I’ve ever breathed. Hazardous to the unprepared, now a lifeline in my lungs. 

Under the influence. I am relentlessly in thought, this infinite line, this beautiful unwritten script it never sleeps. Like the narrative in my heart. 

Under the influence, I am an army, not of anger or of war, but of serenity and calm. Incapable of inflicting harm, yet so full of strength. 

Under the influence, I fell in love. Sobriety of the mind has been a journey I took without planning. Love is the influence that brought me here. 


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