Poetry (words)

Beautiful space.

The dog rose shows its first buds, soon it will bloom into an archway of delicate pink. 

The bluebells beside the doorstep throw their perfume to the breeze. 

Dandelion clocks float effortlessly. More graceful than I’ve ever noticed. 

The lilac blooms under the blackbird’s song. Both so full of life.

Ivy entwined with the climbing rose clings to the brickwork, natures will at work.

The life that fills this space is more remarkable than I can ever comprehend. 

I am blessed to be here. In return I cherish and nurture it. Season by season. 

None of this is mine and as the tiniest of blue butterflies seeks a resting place I’m in no doubt that one day man’s greed will destroy the beauty its incapable of recreating, but for now this feeling belongs to me. 


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