Poetry (words)


I noticed him. How his t shirt clung to all the curves where my fingertips could be. That one thought that set my mind in motion. One simple cursory glance became the dictator to all that followed. Was I distracted or was distraction my aim. 

I don’t believe that you can join two separates solely on similarities. What are similarities? They are definitely not a spark, they don’t cause butterflies to take flight in your stomach. They are the predictable, but they are not enough. 

My fingertips don’t ache to touch him because we have a connection. My fingertips are the connection. How I react to those feelings has no bearing on similarities. 

How he reacts to me is all I need to understand. How he lifts his eyes to meet mine. I know him so deeply not through the person he is in the crowd, but how in the silent moments he allows me to see his core.


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