Poetry (words)

These words…my roots. 

Severed branches where the starlings slept these fresh shoots explode with life. Carved names ingrained in this ancient beast are now husband and wife. 

Love affairs began here in the shadows of this oak. Temptation unraveled beneath these boughs and passion it awoke. 

His velvet lips kissed every curve, she watched his mouth feed on her soul. Bite marks remain where her heart should be. The life in her he stole. 

She rests here in the shadows still, pressed hard against the wood. Her spine soaked with the evening rain, she’d devour him if she could. 

This woodland glade inside her mind the poetry through her veins, now tethered here, she’s bound to this. These unforgiving chains. 

She seeks solace in the strangers  touch, but her roots still deep and strong. With every mist filled sunrise until these words are gone. 


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