Poetry (words)

Adjusting to the light

….a natural process that is extremely simple when we allow the light in. I’ve taken to going with the flow of things lately. Shutting out some of the bad to allow natural progression. I’m surrounded by so much artificial behaviour that it takes hold eventually. People are incredibly bad at protecting the things that really matter in preference to safeguarding the nonsense. 

Just a quick flick through Twitter this morning is enough for me. I can’t fill my life with that….”look at what I’ve done, bought, seen” rule book. Everyone arguing about what’s right and wrong….when it’s so obvious. Outcomes are not outcomes until it’s over. 

Just a few minutes in my garden…. seeing natures amazing resilience at work. The wonders that happen without human intervention. It’s not perfect…the constant hum from the surrounding roads the most damaging of background noises, but the grass grows, the flowers bloom and nature prepares for a new season. It’s near perfection and it’s enough. 


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