Poetry (words)

I’m not alone. 

I breathed in, trod gently and never took for granted the treasures I have. How the land underfoot carries me, without charge nor question. In return I respect what I’ve been given. The oceans of nature, the sunshine on my skin. I understood the difference between necessity and greed and although I’ve had blinkered moments I still see the outcome of doing the right thing. 

If I could go back I’d change the few regrets I have, but I think having those keeps perspective on my fragility. Sometimes it’s a good thing to understand that invinciblity is for comic books. Flaws and insecurities keep us human.  

The branches scratch against my windows, a constant reminder of nature and humanity colliding. Kinder paths are needed to survive this world. Anarchy in the gentlest of hands is a beautiful pairing. How someone who sees beyond the repetition of a tv screen can possibly save the world. The best lessons in life are those we teach ourselves, learning the wonder of what we have before it’s gone. 

I’m not alone. 


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