Poetry (words)

Without walls.

I’d like to spend some time with you. Just you and I breathing in the seconds. Where all the walls between us have doorways and the touch of your hand isn’t just a passing thought. 

I’d like to show you all the places that I love. Places where the fog falls and hangs in the trees. Meadows full of pollen captured on the warm summer breeze. Places where our existence isn’t rational. Safety in natures arms. 

I’d like to lay in the long grass with you and contemplate the universe. Beneath the darkest night sky questioning how those stars can be so far away in time. 

To be in awe of our surroundings, but still finding our place within it. Every blade of grass that bends under our weight. Every white horse that reaches our shore. Together. 

These are the gifts we have. Without cost or sacrifice.  


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