Poetry (words)

Beside the sea

I dislike the smell of candy floss. Sickly sweet, cloying. “Kiss me quick” hats and fish and chips mixed with alcohol. Amusement arcades, noise and cash. I don’t like this seaside.  Hen parties / stag dos, those English traditions belong here and are welcome to it.

I like the ocean, the sound of the sea. Tiny harbours, inlets and coves. Natures sounds are breathtaking. No cafe for miles, no burgers flipping on hot plates. I become me, but allow the tide to rule.

I can think here. I can breathe. Sand between my toes, I watch my footprints fade in the ebb and flow. No one will know I was here even though part of me remains I will never disturb the silence.

A sense of belonging is a beautiful thing. To be at one with something so powerful, to see all of the colours in the blink of an eye. Peace in the heart even on restless days.


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