Poetry (words)

Time is dancing


Ben Howard – Time Is Dancing http://youtu.be/NY7oW28dEHU

Periodically life slows and you have time for reflection time to embrace what’s past while eagerly looking to what’s ahead of you. I’m sure that each day runs by the same clocks, but why does the good clock tick faster? Does it skip beats? The time thief? 

When hours you want to savour become minutes that you cling to. When daylight fades to moonlight in the blink of an eye. When hellos are lost in heartbeats, but the pain of goodbye feels like a fresh titanium blade. 

Why is happiness so short lived? Fact is, it simply isn’t. It’s our perception of happiness. Our default setting telling us that you must have the dark times to appreciate the light. I think our default fails us. We evoke bad memories, we recall the dark times constantly forgetting that the good could eclipse them if only we gave them the space to evolve. 

Why should that first kiss be forgotten. Let it linger on your lips forever. Those fingertips that brought you to life are the same fingertips and your skin remains unchanged. Tame the darkness and let what’s light become your ruler. 

Yes there will be darkness, but those clouds do not have to cover your soul. Be sad and embrace empathy. Find strength in those you love and if that love fades remember how you once flourished in its glow, how its light brought you happiness and shaped the person you are. 

Time ticks by regardless. We can’t stop it, but we don’t have to become its bitch. 


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