Poetry (words)

 It’s been ages since I wrote something.

A lady at work was extremely sad this morning. She’s so beautiful. You can see kindness in her, her eyes, her smile and how gently she reaches for your hand. 
We walked and talked for a while. 

She likes cats and pineapple. She also like how fibre optic feels. She was sad because she’s so lost. She didn’t tell me that, but to anyone who cares to look closer it’s obvious. She’s been detached from the love of her life. Most of her day is spent looking for him.

Just after lunchtime he arrives. He visits twice a day every day. He brings pineapple. He talks he soothes. She laughs. Love doesn’t just stop. No matter what. 

Dementia does not take everything. It does not strip all memories from existence. If you allow them to fade memories die. 


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