Poetry (words)

Day off tomorrow.


So looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow. I’ve been wide awake since 3 this morning. One of the downsides of working in care is that it’s constant.  Bank holidays do not exist. Still could be worse, I could be stuck in an office staring at a screen all day. Static doesn’t work for me I’m only fit because I’m constantly on the go. I’d be a lard arse otherwise. 

Happy with my lot I guess. 
Sipping a strong cup of coffee (has to be a cup. I don’t like mugs of anything) I’ve bought some rose petals and I’m planning the longest of soaks this evening. Luxuries I can live with out, but the simple things remain the most beautiful. 
That’s my day so far. No ranting to be had here. Maybe later, but I doubt it very much.


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