Poetry (words)


I used to love Tuesday’s and even though it’s still my usual day off Tuesday’s aren’t what they used to be.  “It’s behind you” yes, yes it is, but I’m a dweller.  Juliet Landau’s just followed me on Twitter. Which was very nice of her.  I’ll not get giddy though! I promise. “Do it again! Do it again!!” 

I have a thing about trees. The neighbours have just had two massive maples cut down. The skyline looks so bare without them now. Birds nested in them and squirrels climbed them. Eviction of nature without notice. I’m guessing it was to do with either light issues or for more land to build on. Pesky nature and it’s needs for a stable and compassionate lifestyle. I hope my landlord doesn’t notice. The tree at the bottom of my garden invades the space of possibly a one bedroom flat! 


I was going to post a video of a tree, not sure how to do that yet, so I won’t.  I’ve just done the lottery. Which really bugs me, but in my head is all the good I could do. Yes a bit of land of my own would be nice, but that’s it for me. Somewhere quiet to end my days (however long that may be) don’t know. Don’t want to know. Morbid much.

Coffee time!
I was going to enter this poetry competition, but I’m not sure I will. Subject matter isn’t something I can find on demand. I could enter what I’ve written, but there’s no feelings in them…to me that renders them a bit pointless. I’m not one for accolades and validation. 
This feels a bit like hiding from the world. I like it. Very much.
Just spotted a massive cobweb on the ceiling. I’ll get it later. 
Can I post videos here?  Yes, is the answer, but it failed after ten minutes of waiting. 

On Sunday I bought some glass clips for my greenhouse. While I was there I looked at garden buildings. I quite fancy a sun house, but they cost a fortune. I think I could build one though. All you’d need would be the instructions from the one you like…..got those! Shhhh! 

Time to cook! 
Just watched “Out of My Mind” great episode. Poor Riley. 


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