Poetry (words)

Psychosocial networks 

Funny name for something that turns us all into unsociable creatures. But the picture above represents how it feels to me. 
I often imagine my Twitter timeline as a stream. Full of flotsam and jetsam. Some days you can sit beside it and wonderful things pass by in the calm waters. Other days it’s a torrent of noise and attention seeking chaos. Everyone so eager to have their hashtagged minutes of fame. 

There’s a link to this blog on my Twitter page. I doubt many will click it because it’s not about them. With their incessant TV watching, their *happy dancing* and diets. Every year is just repetition almost to a deadline. 
On the plus side. I’ve got to know some truly inspirational people who’ve unwittingly changed my life and turned me into someone who does fight for change. I’ve become involved with things I would have probably just shouted about five years ago. 

Of course there are extremely special people there too, some who brighten my days. To name names seems a tad unfair and I’m nothing if not obvious in my friendships. 
Imagine sharing a block of flats with your Twitter timeline. Who would you share the elevator with and who would you take the stairs to avoid? 

I’ve followed some at random and some by recommendations. Animal rights activists I follow constantly, but I never confuse that wanting to save animals necessarily makes a person good. As with political stances idiots exist in abundance. 

A few months ago I followed someone (recommended) by others I follow. I didn’t go through my usual “check out their bio” “see who they follow and favourite” Yep as a rule those are my rules.  He was a total pest. As soon as I tweeted he’d DM me. I started to avoid Twitter. Why do we follow those who we don’t necessarily like? Just to be nice? Just to fit in? Fit into what? 

Anyway I unfollowed him, but first made a point of saying (in an unaddressed tweet) why. He blocked me immediately. Silence speaks volumes when it comes to cowardice.
Having something in common with someone is not an open door with a welcome mat. Some people see Twitter as just that. Especially the unhappily married ones. 
Christ if you can’t be with the one you love…try loving your actual partner or leave. It’s not love. It’s boredom! 

I think having this blog is the beginning of the end of my time on Twitter. I was looking for a place to express myself all along.

I consider myself a very good judge of people and some say it’s wrong to judge….that’s their judgment, not mine. 


I adore Slipknot. Poetry isn’t about verse and rhyme it’s about finding meaning and writing it down. 


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