Poetry (words)


Never before have I stepped into a season with such hopeful anticipation. I’ve not felt this way, any explanation is me just stumbling as I try to make sense of what this feeling really is.
I’ve always dreaded the shorter days  always seen it as a forced inprisonment. Where we huddle in front of a flickering box of false light and repetitive stories. This feels so different. Like what lies ahead of me is the answer to that dread. 
Just recently I’ve dived into nature. I’ve become besotted by its ability to ease my soul. Be it the bark of a tree or birdsong. It’s affected me deeply. If I can have this little piece of sanity , this one thing so capable of filling my mind and heart with hope, I am thankful. 

Even now, I sit in complete awe, simplicity was born here and it thrives without greed nor spite. I’m not a searcher, I don’t need a performance or a performer come to that. I don’t need much of anything. I want to protect this, to sleep in its shadows and gaze into the night. 

Nature constantly gives, humanity tightens its grip and wonders why our surroundings are dying. Safe behind four walls until the wind blows at the barricades. What use are bricks and mortar when the landscapes we build on are barren through ignorance. 

We own nothing but our insignificance. 

Poetry (words)

Ebb and flow

Midnight: what a time to stand at the edge of the ocean . Inclement weather breathes a power into the shore. Exhale, roar and fill your lungs with the freshest air. 

You are beautiful even as your dreams fall apart and hopes fade in the unforgiving dark. Let it go, let it fade. Loosen your grip on the nothingness that holds you here. 

Ebb and flow, be the salt on my skin.  Be every wave that thunderously lashes against this infinite heart. Be turbulent, be the tempestuous. Be every ounce of aching flesh, but be so with love.

Poetry (words)

Poetic horizon 

Without you …..I’m still finding my feet, but I’m through the wilderness of uncertainty. There was a time that I was intent on finding a way back, but that passed me by and what’s ahead seems brighter for the process.

My focus has changed. Broadened if you like, my energy finds paths that I’d ignored. Paths that I couldn’t see when commitment took hold. It fell away so slowly that I barely noticed the change in me. 

I have so much to give, but flightly cant be changed. I watch how people work and the signs are so familiar. Replacement lined up and the past remembered as snippets. 

I’ve changed. It wasn’t forced and it isn’t fickle, it’s how healing works. 

Poetry (words)

Falling loose. 

There is a light that shines this way sometimes. I feel it move over the darkened room, guiding, searching. It fills me with wonder and lust. It’s a memory of a dream somehow, something I lost, something that slipped away.A dream that although I’m no longer tethered to, it will always belong by my side.

Were I a wing it would be the feather falling loose. 
Half lost half free….but still a part of me.