Poetry (words)


If I waited. In silence. Without question. Without knowledge of what’s past….without seeing ahead. Would I still fall?

Nothing changes even though everything has. My eyes still focus on the obvious beauty. It teaches me nothing. 

I’m not in limbo. I’m not lost. I’m aware of everything. I remember you evocatively. 

Poetry (words)

Stormy days

Even when the wind howls on these last days of winter you can feel the change. The sea was magnificent this afternoon, masterful and graceful in equal measure. White horses in the swollen tide. 

Poetry (words)


My feet ache. Glad that day is done. 

Some days it feels like I’m tripping over my tongue, but silence isn’t my way and that’s why this begun. 

I could keep it all locked away close to my chest and never write a word, maybe that would be best. 

Time passes feelings too, but honesty is the respect I want to pay to you. 

So forgive me for having so much to say, but if I don’t write it down it’ll just fade away. 

Poetry (words)


I sometimes want to write things down. Things that are in my mind, my thoughts. Words that are on the tip of my tongue that I’ll never get to say. I’ve left so much unsaid. 

Walk with me. Let me taste the sweat from your brow while you read my mind. One track as it is, but it covers distance. 

I’d like to wrap you round my finger, not to own nor to keep. Possession is not in my thoughts, I want to wake you from your sleep. 

Still I’m stifled, like my hands are tied. Just wishful thinking I keep it on the inside.

Wind from my sails, heart from my chest, but there’s still a part of me that will outlive the rest. 

You got my mind.